Hub Games is delighted to announce a new partnership with Scottish game design studio DigiSprite!

The two teams will be working together to bring a new title, Adventure Mart, to gamers around the world. You and your fellow players become managers of fantastical convenience stores that provide the latest and greatest products to a wide range of explorers, fighters and magic users… but you’re not in this for the glory. You’re only looking for cold, hard cash as you try to turn over as much profit as possible! Start with basic items then purchase new stock, attract customers, hire employees, improve your store and make that money in this incredible new deck builder designed by DigiSprite. Add in the truly wonderful art from stefscribbles and Monschi and you have a unique game that we aim to release in time for next year’s UK Games Expo in Birmingham.

After seeing the game being demoed at the 2019 UK Games Expo, Hub Games co-director Rory O’Connor was immediately taken with it. “The combination of the stunning artwork, interesting twists on deck building and player interaction immediately attracted us to the game,” he said. “It’s clear that DigiSprite put a huge amount of love and attention into Adventure Mart. We always want to bring more people into the world of gaming, and we see games like Adventure Mart helping us to do just that.”

At the time of the UK Games Expo, Adventure Mart was in the middle of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. However, with the announcement of the new licensing deal, this has now been cancelled. Instead, the game will go straight to a retail release in 2020.

On their decision to work with Hub Games, DigiSprite’s Managing Director Robyn Davies said “Adventure Mart has been a labour of love for us at DigiSprite and getting the opportunity to share the game with so many more people, in so many more places through this partnership is super exciting! Hub Games' goal of making and releasing games with heart really resonated with us at DigiSprite and we hope that Adventure Mart will help bring more people into the wonderful world of tabletop gaming."

More details will be announced as development continues, and the game will be available for demo at upcoming shows including Gen Con 2019 and Essen Spiel. For more information, please contact Michael Fox at Hub Games via email: [email protected]

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