One of the things we’ve loved most about Blank is the creativity that it inspires amongst the people who play it. Every show that we’ve attended since its release at Essen last year has seen us crack open some new packs and have the gaming public let loose upon it, and the range of Rules Cards and Game Effects that we’ve seen has regularly blown us away. From day one, we’ve always pushed the idea that the central tenet of Blank is to Make It Your Game, and we’re particularly impressed when we hear about players who take their games to another level. We’ve seen versions of Blank that turn it into all kinds of different game types - and that got us thinking… what would happen if we asked some of our favourite game designers to put their own spin on it?

Enter Matt Leacock. Designer of Pandemic and Forbidden Island. The co-parent of the Legacy genre. An actual industry legend and - despite being the creator of some truly cruel games - a Really Good Person.

We asked if Matt would be interested in doing something with Blank, and soon after, the first Designer Booster Pack was born! Created by Matt alongside his daughter Colleen, Blankdemic takes the original Blank and remixes into something very different but no less awesome. Here’s a quick video from Gen Con 2018 where Matt and Michael spill the beans:

Blankdemic will be launching at Essen Spiel 2018, and will be available in stores shortly afterwards… but what does Blankdemic actually DO?


First up, you get 10 brand new Game Cards (complete with new effects) and 7 Rule Cards, all specifically created to work with each other. We suggest you play with a fresh set, but this is Blank… you can mix things up however you please! Certain base set cards are replaced with Blankdemic counterparts, and Matt and Colleen have made a whole set of cards that set you up as specialists saving the world from rampaging disease. They’ll also inspire you to expand your copy of the game in countless ways!

The main new additions from Team Leacock are new card types - namely Events and Roles. Events mean players get to manipulate the cards in the game, moving the from discard pile to the box (a new area to play cards to) and back. Cycling cards around card help you win in different ways, and clever planning will mean you get to pull off incredible combos! Watch out though, as Epidemics can come along and really mess up your plans.

Of course, to combat all this disease, you’re going to need to send in the best in the business - when you open up your Blankdemic pack, you’ll see you have a Medic, Researcher and Scientist at your disposal. These Roles are displayed immediately upon drawing (so remember to draw a card to replace them!) but they’ll give you a significant advantage if you manage to get hold of one. Maybe your fellow players will create more roles? Or rules that curb these powers? All we know is that each game will evolve and mutate in its own unique way!

Oh, and it wouldn’t be Blankdemic if we didn’t include some Legacy elements, would it…? We’ll keep those secret though…

Thank you so much to Matt and Colleen for putting together our first Designer Booster Pack! We’re delighted to announce that proceeds from sales will also be going to the charity of their choice, Doctors Without Borders. For more information on the excellent work they do, please visit - and we'll see you at Essen!