Once upon a time, all the parents in the land told stories to their children every night before bedtime and lived happily ever… but the reality is far from a fairy tale and storytelling today struggles with new challenges.

Rory’s Story Cubes and Asmodee UK recently commissioned research into the state of ‘story time’ at home for more than 1,000 parents and their children in the United Kingdom. The results show that, despite their best intentions, many parents struggle to tell stories at home or feel unable to bring their tales to life. Strikingly, one in five parents find it impossible to tell stories off the top of their heads, while 17 per cent of parents say that modern life gets in the way of story time.

But don’t worry! Storytelling isn’t dead; it just needs a little bit of help. The investigation found that 83% of children would like to spend more time with their parents being told stories, and that they are more likely to opt for being told a story at bedtime over watching TV.

Renowned children’s author Michael Rosen, interviewed as part of the research, highlighted how important story time is for kids. “Children benefit hugely from people telling them stories,” he explained. “Their minds figure out character, plot line, characters’ motives, what’s fair or unfair and much more.”

Storytelling is so important for both children and adults so, to parents lacking time, inspiration, and confidence, we say this: have a go! Trust your experience and your imagination.

Rory’s Story Cubes were designed for this very purpose: a tool for inspiration and creativity, an ice-breaker, turning players into storytellers and bringing friends and families together to share some story time.