Well, that's Essen Spiel '17 in the rear view mirror. It's been a huge build up to the biggest gaming show of the year, but we're now back and decompressing from four full days of demoing our two new games. With both Untold: Adventures Await and Blank launching at Essen, the only thing we knew before the doors opened on Thursday morning was that we were going to be busy... and that definitely happened! With several hundred copies of both games under our arms (figuratively, at least) we were ready to show them both off to as many people as possible - and hey, maybe even sell some.

From the moment the doors were flung open by the staff at the Messe (the giant building in Essen where the show is held every year) the action honestly didn't stop. Our first demo began at 10.20am on Thursday, and over the course of the entire show we played over 70 games of Untold, and countless hands of Blank. It was incredible to see the response of the gaming public to both releases, and I personally really enjoyed the amazing stories that the players came up with during their run-throughs of Untold (as that's what I was working on for most of the event). From Victorian-era undersea adventures in a steampunk submarine to a reality show based on a Stone Age planet called Earth 4 (watched, of course, by the inhabitants of Earth 5), the games that we played at the show truly showed off the versatility of the game.

Blank was also incredibly well received, and demo players were invited to cover our booth wall with Rule Cards and Game Cards, filled out with their suggestions and new ideas. We're incredibly excited to see how Blank will develop and grow over the coming months and years, and are excited to announce that we're working with distribution partners around the world to bring thousands of copies to stores and online retailers so more and more people can play it. We also have some *very* interesting ideas about expanding the world of Blank which we'll talk about later down the line... keep an eye out for future updates!

So, with Essen now complete, our attention turns to our next trip - this time to Philadelphia in the USA! We'll be heading to PAX Unplugged on the weekend of November 17-19 to celebrate the US launches of the two new games and will be demoing and selling them both at this inaugural show. PAX events are always a blast, but this will be the first one focused uniquely on tabletop gaming, and we don't have much of a clue as to what to expect. What we *do* know is that we'll have our new games, and that we'll be working as hard as ever to show them off and get copies into the hands of as many people as possible. If you're at the show, come and say hi, check out the games and grab them both!