While we don't quite have the skills to save the world from viruses, we're going to be doing more travelling in 2018 than your average Medic in a game of Pandemic...

We've been pretty busy at the office since January's transformation into Hub Games and our visit to the Nuremberg Toy Fair. As we put the initial chaos of the year behind us, we can kind of settle down for a few minutes and see where we're at - and where were heading, because you're going to see a lot of our shining faces (and our games!) at shows across the UK and Europe in the coming months.

First though, we should give a quick mention to our forthcoming release, Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr. A little bit of information was released about the game just before we set off for Nuremberg. We're kind of blown away by the amount of people who have expressed interest in it, despite there not being a huge amount of details around, but there'll be more released over the coming months as we gear up to its release at Essen in October. For now though, keep an eye out for a quick preview video that'll be over on Board Game Geek's YouTube channel in the next week or so, and follow us on our shiny new Twitter - @WeAreHubGames - for whatever secrets we decide to spill!

One big focus for us this year is to get out of the office and meet as many people as possible, making them aware of not only Holding On, but also Untold and Blank. Both of those are now more widely available from distributors and stores around the world, and we're making it our mission to get them in front of pretty much everyone we see. The more retailers we can get interested in our games, the easier it'll be for folks to buy them, and this push begins in the next few days as we head to Reno, Nevada for the GAMA Trade Show! This won't be the last trade show we hit this year, as we'll also be attending ACD Games Day at the end of May in Madison, Wisconsin, and the UK Retailers event just before UK Games Expo in June. So, if you're attending any of these events, be sure to say hi and come check out what we're doing. We may even give you a sneak peek at some of our future projects...

It's not just industry-only shows that we're attending this year though - there'll be plenty of conventions to go to as well. At the minute we're signed up for several big shows, beginning with the actual UK Games Expo at Birmingham's NEC. A couple of weeks later we'll be back in the States as we make our first trip to Origins in Columbus, Ohio, then we'll return to the US as we get ready for the Best Four Days in Gaming... because we're going to Gen Con in Indianapolis too! You'll be able to pick up our games directly from our booths at UKGE and Origins, but please note Gen Con will be a demo-only show for us. There'll also be some VERY cool Blank related news announced at that show; find out more soon.

We're still in the process of finalising plans for the back end of 2018 - both BGG.con and PAX Unplugged are at the forefront our our minds, and once we confirm what we're up to we'll announce exactly what's happening with those events. Of course, Essen Spiel 2018 - the biggest gaming party of them all - is confirmed! We'll be there for the release of Holding On and the 'official' launch of the German edition of Blank (which will actually be out around summertime, but this will be the big debut where we get to make a well-deserved fuss over it). We'll be in our usual spot in Hall 3, so you can highlight that on your show maps right now - there's little better than extreme forward planning!

So, that's a lot of travel, and somewhere in between all that we're going to be working on new titles - not just for 2018, but beyond that - which we hope will interest you. If we thought that January and February were busy, the next few months are going to make them look like a walk in a particularly game-focused park. It's going to be awesome though - just make sure to say hi when you see us around! In the meantime, be sure to keep up with our social stuff - we're on Facebook and Instagram, and there's also the Blank Insta with new rules for the game going up all the time!

See you next week,

- Michael