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We are a small team based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, so please bear with us while we respond to your email, especially if you’re not based in Europe.

Retail and Distributions


Whether you’re a friendly local game store or a friendly international distribution mega-corporation, email [email protected] for assistance on how to get our products.

Game Submissions


Got a game that you think meets the high standards required to be a Hub Games release? Contact [email protected] to get one of our Idea Submission forms. Return that to us and Michael or Anita will be in touch!

Media Requests


Specifically for media outlets! For review copies, interview requests and product information, email [email protected]. Michael’s always happy to assist!

Customer Services


For replacement requests, questions about our products and information about where to purchase them, email [email protected] and Michaela will get you the information you need.

Everything Else

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Want to speak to us about something else not covered here? Email [email protected] and one of our team will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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