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Blank is the fast and fun interactive card game you customise with every win! As you play, you will create new rules and card effects, making your copy of Blank totally unique. Age 6+, 2-6 Players, 10 Minutes.

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How to Play

Blank How to Play

Beginning with a hand of seven cards, players must get rid of all of their cards by playing matching colours and numbers to a central pile. There are also three randomly chosen Rule Cards each game. These rules must also be followed. Some Game Cards also have effects if played on top of the discard pile. Some Game Cards also have effects that need to followed if the card is played to the top of the discard pile! The first player to have no cards in their hand - even if it isn’t their turn - wins the game and gets to create a brand new Rule Card or customise a Game Card, making their mark and changing the game forever! 

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Make it Your Game!

Our own Rory O'Connor joins Davo from Asmodee Live to talk about Blank - and how you can Make It Your Game!

Play Experience

Blank initially offers players of all ages and skill level an easy-to-learn, quick-to-play game experience, but quickly evolves into an understandable game design kit. By creating new rules and game card effects, players will quickly see how the decisions they make and the text they write can change and push the game in different directions. Someone may even create a new rule that negates one of your favourites - what kind of ideas can you come up with that means it will be useful again? Blank can become whatever players want it to be - the focus can switch to a trivia style game, something more dexterity driven, or even a full-on party game. All it takes is a splash of imagination and the creation of a handful of new cards!

Hand of cards
Writing Game Card Effect

Share Your Experience

Blank is all about the joys of creating and sharing - we want to hear from you about the amazing cards that you’ve made in your copies of the game. Whether you’ve come up with incredible card effects or some truly mischievous rules, you can share them with us on social media - there’s even a special Instagram account for Blank, where you can see some of our favourite ideas submitted by you, the players! Let us know the card ideas you’re putting into your Blank deck and we’ll share them with the world!

Why is this a Game with HEART?

The combination of accessible gameplay and the opportunity for creative expression meld together to ensure that Blank is a true Hub Games product. The opportunity to take the game in whatever direction the players desire means that no two copies will ever be alike even after a single game. It’s this incredible opportunity for diverse rulesets that we wanted to foster with Blank. The game also lends itself to the building of a community, with players around the world sharing their card creations, refining those of others and adding them to their own decks. We tried to make Blank visually accessible by using iconic suits as well as colour to differentiate the cards. This will help when playing in low light conditions and assist players who are colour-blind to enjoy the game.

The Brains Behind This Game

These are the people involved in creating this game and what they wanted to say about it

Henri, Game Design


“Blank is a unique project, as the game will be different in each house it is played. I’m not the only game designer on this game,  I have given the framework and the tools to the players, so that they can be game designers too!”

Rory, Game Development


"When Henri first pitched his idea, we knew that Hub Games had to publish this game. By bringing our considered design approach, we were able to provide players just enough structure to get started and enough flexibility to co-create their own unique game. It's a real joy to see how players react when their own rules appear during a game of Blank."

Michael, Game Development


"This is a dream game - a simple framework that allows anybody to craft the gameplay experience exactly how they want! Blank can turn into anything, and I can't wait to see the thousands of different versions that are created!"

Rob, Illustration and Design


"Blank was a huge amount of fun to work on. Drawing lots of wacky things and designing vibrant, colourful packaging was a blast."

Winnie, Graphic Design


"I loved using this 'Blank Yellow', which connotes a light bulb (Idea), construction (build) and a egg (creative). Did you ever think yellow could be so many things?"

Downloads graphic


Head to our downloads page to find the ‘Blank’ rules (currently in English only, with more languages coming soon).

Follow @blank_cardgame on Instagram to get new Game Cards and Rule Cards every week, and submit your own designs!