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The Extraordinaires® Design Studio is the creative thinking game for problem solvers aged between 8 and 108. Check out www.extraordinaires.com for information about using The Extraordinaires Design Studio in the classroom.

How to Play

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The Extraordinaires Design Studio is not a game, per se, but uses play to explore design thinking.

The Extraordinaires are archetypal characters with rather specific needs - and you’re here to help them with your incredible design skills! It is playable as a solo activity or as part of a group. First you choose your design challenge by combining an Extraordinaire character card e.g. a Superhero with a project card e.g. ‘a source of light’,  This is what you have to design - a source of light, but for a Superhero!. Use the Design Studio to get your ideas on paper. The deck of Think Cards will inspire you to think deeper and refine your design. Next present your design to the other players, explaining why your design is awesome. The group ‘game’ ends with a fun Awards ceremony. Be amazed by how different players’ visions can be!

What happens when children are encouraged to Play With Design?

As the creators of The Extraordinaires® Design Studio, we wanted to find out.

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The Play Experience

Design a Cooking Utensil for an Evil Genius, a Sports Venue for a Wizard or Pajamas for an Alien. The Extraordinaires Design Studio offers a ‘sandbox’ experience to play with the concept of being a designer. The fun comes from designing for the archetypal characters we all know from books and movies. It uses a real world design thinking process to guide you through the play and inspire the next generation of designers.

The Extraordinaires® Design Studio is used by elementary and middle schools and home-schooling parents across the USA. Educators have recognised it as a powerful tool to foster empathy, creativity, resilience and self esteem in their students. More information and lesson resources for schools can be found at https://www.extraordinaires.com/education.

Share Your Experience

Whether you’re designing in the classroom or at home, one of the best aspects of playing with The Extraordinaires Design Studio is sharing your amazing ideas with friends, classmates and the wider world. When you’ve completed your latest design challenge, why not let us know about it? You can reach us through our Facebook page or via the official Extraordinaires Twitter account.

  The Extraordinaires     @extraordinaires

Why is this a Game with HEART?

The Extraordinaires Design Studio truly combines play and creativity. The visual nature of the cards makes it accessible to all abilities. We have created visual stories of the lives, environmental conditions and interests of each character. 

While creating wildly imaginative solutions for archetypal characters, players are also learning the principles of human-centred design: building empathy for the client, thinking about their needs as an individual, researching, asking questions, refining and iteration.

The Brains Behind This Game

These are the people involved in creating this game and what they wanted to say about it

Anita, Creator and Developer


"I wanted to make a plaything to teach today’s children the skills they will need for the future. With exponentially changing job roles and technology, they will need to constantly problem solve, work with others and think in new ways. These are the skills designers use every day."

Rory, Developer


"By using the 'power of play' to exaggerate the needs of real people, we have made it easier to empathise with the needs of the Extraordinaires."


Want to try out The Extraordinaires yourself? Head to our Downloads page and get your first Design Challenge!

You will also find Rules In English and printable Idea Pad sheets.

For FREE teachers resources visit www.extraordinaires.com/education

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