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Help your brightly coloured frogs take control of your little corner of the rainforest! Cleverly place frogs on the board to flip adjacent tiles, hiding some frogs and revealing others. Can you plan ahead, watch out for snakes, and flip your way to victory? Age 6+, 2-4 Players,15 Minutes.



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How to Play

Flip Over Frog is simple to learn but can be surprisingly sneaky! Each turn, play a tile from your hand to a space on the board. The arrows on your tiles will flip others that are already on the board. At the end of the game when the board is full, Frog Tokens are revealed, whoever has the most frogs of their colour face up, will win. Be sure to watch out for Snakes - they just love to snack on those tasty frogs and can ruin your plans! Plan ahead and flip your way to victory!

Learn to play in less than five minutes with this super-helpful video featuring Michael from Hub Games!

It's Flippin’ Fun for Everyone!

Join us for a quick game of Flip Over Frog! See just how simple it is to play this fantastic small-box game, releasing Summer 2019.

Play Experience

Simplicity is key when it comes to Flip Over Frog - with only three rules to remember, the focus is placed firmly on strategy! Play a tile, flip others, then draw a new one - that’s all you need to know to play. This allows players of all kinds to enjoy the game on a level playing field, and means that even younger players are in with a chance of winning! All it takes is some clever tile placement to turn the tide your way. Only when the final frog is added to the board will the winner be revealed, so players are engaged throughout.

Flip Over Frog Tile Action Shot
Flip Over Frog Gameplay Shot

Share Your Experience

We love to see players enjoying our games, so be sure to let us know what you think about Flip Over Frog on social media. You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - don’t forget to use the #FlipOverFrog hashtag! We like getting emails too, so you have no excuse to not let us know your thoughts on our game.

Why is this a Game with HEART?

Takuya-san, the designer of the game, initially set out to create a game that could be playable by the whole family. As such, the rules needed to be easy to recall and the game needed to be winnable by anyone who sat down to play. As he continued to develop the game, it went through many iterations that stripped it back to what we have now - a pure game that offers surprising depth when you scratch the surface. We love the idea of games giving you that “huh!” moment, when you realise all is not what you initially thought, and Flip Over Frog offers precisely that.

Flip Over Frog Tile Flip Shot

The Brains Behind This Game

These are the people involved in creating this game and what they wanted to say about it.

Okabe Takuya, Game Design

I feel very proud that the Flip Over Frog will be sold to the world. I think the redesign is very COOL! I'm so happy that so many families around the world can now enjoy playing our game!

Kazutaka, Original Game Director

It's a part of GOTTA2! This game is our first product development for the world. Thanks to Rory for the opportunity! The new design is wonderful and very exciting. Flip Over Frog is a friendly game with a some fun strategy that all ages can play together!

Mathieu, Illustration

It's been a pleasure to work with Hub Games. The team is prepared, well organized and know precisely what they want. I liked that! The game looks cool and I can't wait to give it a try!

Anita, Art Direction

We took a great game and redesigned it for families around the world. I have always been fascinated by poison dart frogs, they are so tiny and colourful, yet deadly. This game is compact and fun but has a surprising amount of depth and competitive toxicity. 

Kendal, Design

Helping to design the graphics for this game was such an amazing learning opportunity, especially on such a cute and vibrant game. I think that every aspect of the design makes you feel the sense of joy it will bring when you play it.

Winnie, Design Lead

A flippin' great little game that packs a lot of punch, the illustration by Matthieu are brilliant and super vivid. It was interesting for me, as this time I was on the other side, guiding Kendal with the design and layouts. A steep learning curve for her but i think you will agree -  she did a superb job.

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Head to our Downloads page for a copy of the Flip Over Frog Rules in all our currently published languages.