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GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA, 2100. Construction of the first oceanic MegaCity begins. Advances in technology enable the building of towering superstructures on immense floating platforms. You are the next generation of architects who will actually create a new city every time you play this unique and exciting game. Age 8+, 2-4 Players, 45-60 Minutes.

How to Play

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Combining a streamlined euro-style rule set with an exciting dexterity element, MegaCity: Oceania is a truly unique game where you and your fellow players vie for recognition as you collaboratively build an ocean-going floating city. Collect contracts that must be fulfilled by constructing suitable buildings from a mix of shapes and materials. Add your designs to the central city by sliding them into place on the supplied hexagonal building platforms, and garner extra prestige by adding parks and monuments. The game finishes with an awards ceremony that can change everyone’s fortunes - who will be deemed the most prestigious architect in the new MegaCity?

Join co-designer Michael Fox for a video walkthrough of the rules for MegaCity: Oceania, and get playing immediately!

Welcome to MegaCity: Oceania!

MegaCity: Oceania creates a level field for players of all kinds and ages. Even simple buildings look beautiful, and as your skills improve you’ll scrape the sky! 

Join Davo from the Asmodee Live team as he goes through everything you can expect when playing MegaCity: Oceania!

Co-designer Michael Fox talks to Davo from Asmodee Live about how the game works and why we made it!

Play Experience

Accessibility is incredibly important to the team at Hub Games, and we wanted to make MegaCity: Oceania the kind of game that a wide audience can play, while still ensuring that everyone sat at the table is in with a chance of winning. Over the course of a game you will see a stunning skyline form in front of you as players add more and more buildings to the city. You’ll feel compelled to outdo your opponents, creating taller, more elaborate structures - just make sure that you follow the demands of the contracts, and be careful when adding your latest building to the city. Whether you win or not, you can be sure that you’ve made something unique you can be proud of.

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Share Your Experience

Throughout the development and testing of MegaCity, two things have struck us - first, players are very proud of what they build, and second, they LOVE showing their cities off! We can’t wait to see your amazing creations, so be sure to add the #MegaCity hashtag to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. Hub Games wants to let everyone else know just how creative our players can be, so reach for the skies and show us your skills!

Why is this a Game with HEART?

Playing is a vital part of life, but so many people forget how important it can be. In the very early days of making MegaCity: Oceania, before we even really knew what we what the game was going to be, we observed folks just playing with (what were then) the wooden pieces. We see it in countless games, people stacking meeples as they wait for their turn, so we figured why not tap into that? We hope that MegaCity: Oceania will help players to express their creativity, and as they grow in confidence their building abilities will increase. There’s an incredible satisfaction in seeing the final city that you’ve made, and while it’s always great to win, knowing that you’ve had a part in creating something individual is almost as good!

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The Brains Behind This Game

These are the people involved in creating this game and what they wanted to say about it

Jordan, Game Design

Designing Megacity: Oceania alongside the Hub Games team has given rise to a free form architectural study that truly offers players creative freedom and expression. I am always looking forward to the unique cityscape the game creates.

Michael, Game Design

Working on MegaCity: Oceania has been a blast, and collaborating with Jordan was an amazing experience. Bouncing ideas off each other brought the game together beautifully, and I’m still blown away at how fantastic the final product looks!

Anita, Art Direction, Game Development

I love watching people play this game; it combines strategy and play in the perfect way. Our vision for the game was 'A Bright Future' and the whole team worked so hard to get it just right. It looks and feels wonderful.

Mike, Cover Illustrator

When Anita contacted me about creating the cover for MegaCity: Oceania, I was blown away. I have always loved creating the product shots for Hub Games in the past and to be given the opportunity to create the cover art was a complete honour. From the moment my wife and I picked up the prototype pieces, we knew Hub Games were on to a winner of a game!

Winne, Graphic Design

Graphic gradients for print has always been a challenge to get the vibrancy just right and MegaCity was no exception. Hats off to the amazing printer technicians finding that balance it wasn’t easy but we got there in the end.

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Head to our Downloads page for a copy of the Megacity: Oceania rules in all our currently published languages.

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