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Prisma Arena is a fast-paced game of over-the-top arena combat. Train alongside Mo'kon, cute creatures that embody individual emotions. Level up as you play to gaining Prisma Powers that personalise your Hero’s combat style and removable stickers to customise your Hero's appearance. Your goal is to become a Guardian, ready to defend the slumbering Hope in a time of Despair. Age 10+, 2-4 Players, 30-60 Minutes.


Prisma Arena "Trailer" video

Prisma Arena Trailer

Check out our fantastic trailer and learn all about Prisma Arena in less than two minutes!

Prisma Arena "How to Play" video

How to Play Prisma Arena

Don't want to read the rulebook? Watch this video and learn how to play Prisma Arena in less that 20 minutes!

Prisma Arena

Enter the Arena and learn to control your inner light as you spar against fellow trainees in this quick-paced game of card-driven combat! Shipping will commence in November.


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Play Experience

Designed by Rory O'Connor (Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr) and John Fiore (Untold: Adventures Await), Prisma Arena is a game for 2 to 4 players that looks to reimagine arena combat for a new generation of gamers and their families. Players will gain experience in the arena by fighting alongside a variety of Mo'kon while sparring against fellow trainees. As each victory is won, new powers can be collected alongside special removable stickers that allow for unique character customisation - however, players can still grow even after a defeat, as they work to improve from Novice status up to the rank of Guardian.

Share Your Experience

Of the many games that we’ve created, Prisma Arena is truly one that will reflect your journey as a player. With each game played and each experience level earned, you’ll see your chosen character grow and evolve, not just through the physical representation of the customisable stickers you choose, but also the combination of powers and abilities you select as you progress. Let us know about your fighters by sharing your stories, tagging them with #PrismaArena today!

Why is this a Game with HEART?

As ever, the team at Hub Games were determined to make their latest project accessible to as wide an audience as possible. We believe that everyone should be able to see themselves in the games they play, and in creating our customisable characters we’re promoting inclusivity and gender-neutral standards. We have developed the game over the last three years so all players can enjoy a challenging experience, no matter their skill level, and present a bright, beautiful setting that will inspire and delight. 


The Brains Behind This Game

These are the people involved in creating this game and what they wanted to say about it

John Fiore, Game Design

I've always wanted a skirmish game that was easy to learn but deep and surprising to play, where a novice and a vet could be equally competitive - and the Hub pulled it off!

Rory, Game Design

A personal goal of mine was to ensure that Prisma Arena was both affordable and inclusive in terms of gameplay and representation. A key moment in the games development was the idea to use removable stickers so players can customise their Heroes' appearance. I still really enjoy watching children and adults as they customise their character before a game.

Ciaran Lucas, Cover & Gameboard Illustrator

I was super excited to be involved on a game with such a supportive, inclusive message and rich vibrant style! Can't wait to see people enjoying it as much as I have!

Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, Character Design

It's not every day one gets to work on such a meaningful project. Prisma Arena is one of those! It's relevant and has heart. It was an absolute pleasure and honour to work with an extremely, super-talented team.

PJ Holden, Costumes & Additional Illustration

It was an enormous pleasure and privilege to work on Prisma Arena for Hub Games (working in a studio with the rest of the team was an especial treat, their enthusiasm was infectious). Had the great gift of working from original designs by incredibly talented Cheeks Galloway, and it was my pleasure to add exciting new costumes for each of the characters as well as get to pitch my oar in on elements of design throughout

Winnie, Graphic Design

Arcade brawler in a box with a prismatic comic punch. It's went through rigorous testing and tweaking, a bit of a graphic rollercoaster but it was worth it in the end.

More about the Game...

Stay tuned for more videos and updates.

BGG Game Preview in Cannes

A quick chat with Rory O'Connor and BGG's Beth Heile on Prisma Arena at #FIJ2020. 

Prototype Unboxing

The first (very advance!) copies of Prisma Arena are rolling off the presses. What can you expect to find inside this brand new arena-fighting game?


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