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Inspired by your favourite TV shows, Untold: Adventures Await is a pick-up-and-play, co-operative storytelling game where you play the heroes in your own adventure series. Age 10+, 1-4 Players, 60 Minutes.

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How to Play

Untold - How to Play Video

Using a combination of Rory’s Story Cubes® and their own imagination, players become the characters that star as the heroes in self-contained episodes. After setting up the initial story, you’ll ask questions about what’s happening, then roll the Story Cubes to get your answers! Flip Outcome and Reaction cards to see if your attempted actions come off without a hitch, or fail miserably, pushing your story in a completely different direction. Face off against world-conquering supervillains or experience a not-so-average day at the office - anything can happen in Untold: Adventures Await!

Join Michael as he runs through some Story Cubes combinations that will put you right in the heart of some of your favourite stories!

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Play Experience

Untold: Adventures Await gives players of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to experience storytelling like never before. With an emphasis on working as a team to create an enjoyable story, players will collaborate and help each other out to ensure that their tale has the best result possible. However, the inclusion of Rory’s Story Cubes and the Outcome and Reaction cards mean that not everything will go exactly as planned! Taking around an hour from set up and character creation to the climatic final, Untold offers accessible adventuring at its finest.


Why is this a Game with HEART?

Combining creative thinking with storytelling and emphasising teamwork to conquer ever-changing situations, Untold: Adventures Await is everything a Hub Game should be. It makes you think on your feet, encourages players to collaborate with each other and to develop creative solutions to problems. It has an accessible set of rules that can be learned quickly and supports a wide range of ages and skill levels. Hub Games always strives for the best quality. The box illustration, the components, the easy-to-understand icons have all been carefully designed.

Share Your Experience

We want to hear about your stories from the universe of Untold: Adventures Await! Add different sets from the Rory's Story Cubes range to tailor the game theme exactly as you want it. Tell us about the sets that you use to make your stories spooky, your tales even more treacherous, or your sci-fi shine - we’ll then share them with other players all around the world. If you’re using social media, don’t forget to tag your posts with #UntoldBG so we can check them out!

Completing the Character Profile

The Brains Behind This Game

These are the people involved in creating this game and what they wanted to say about it

John, Developer

“Storytelling's greatest gift is to help us see the wondrous possibilities in our real lives. I'm proud to have contributed to this very special game!”

Rory, Developer

”I wanted to create an Adventure game where you can go anywhere and do anything!”

Michael, Developer

"I wanted to help make this game the most accessible, adventure-filled extravaganza available, and honestly, I think we did better than we could have ever dreamed!"

Rob, Illustrator/Designer

"This was an illustrator’s dream project. Squeezing in so many classic moments from beloved movies, comics and books was great craic!"

Winnie, Graphic Designer

"Graphically rich in illustration, every single component was carefully considered and lovingly crafted."

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Head to our Downloads page for a copy of the ‘Untold’ rules (currently in English only, with more languages coming soon).

Also available are printable replacements for:

Episode Guide
Character Profile
The Season Guide  (exclusively available online)