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Kombo Klash Game Box
Kombo Klash Game Box and Components
Kombo Klash Components
Kombo Klash Game Box
Kombo Klash Game Box and Components
Kombo Klash Components

Kombo Klash

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As another sun sets and the pale moon rises, the creatures gather for the Klash - the ultimate test of wits and ability. Kombo Klash is a tactical tile laying and combo scoring game for 2-4 players. Can you master each creature’s unique ability and form the craziest combos needed to win the game?

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Idea of the Game

Play tiles from your hand to a five-by-five grid in order to set up groups of adjacent tiles representing the same animals. Flipping these will score you points, but bonuses can also be activated by playing certain tile types. Other tiles allow you to manipulate already placed tiles, setting you up for larger scoring combos.

Object of the Game

Players take part in The Klash, an event where they fight for supremacy and determine who amongst them will be the best. Different animals, represented by tiles, will stand for them at The Klash, allowing them to move, flip and return tiles to their hand, as well as score them points as the game progresses. Each turn, players begin with a hand of five tiles. They must play at least one to the five-by-five grid, adjacent to a tile already in position on the board. They may play all of the tiles in their hand if they wish. 

Each tile/animal has a special ability. When a tile is added to the board, the player may choose to activate its ability then and only then. 

At any time during their turn, a player may also activate a Kombo. This involved flipping a set of at least three adjacent tiles of the same design face down, scoring the total points shown on the flipped tiles (for example, 3x Gorilla equals 9 points). 

Play continues until all spaces on the board have been filled. At this point, all face down tiles are removed from play, freeing up space for more placements. The game ends when all tiles have been placed. The player with the highest total score is the winner.

Contents: 1x Cloth Game Board, 48x Kombo Tiles (6 Wolf, 6 Kangaroo, 6 Raven, 6 Snake, 6 Alligator, 6 Vulture, 6 Gorilla, 6 Cameleon) , 4x Reference Tiles, 4x Scoring Counters

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